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Electric Cars

Considering the technology that is available to us, is it reasonable that we are at the mercy of oil companies to fuel our vehicles? There exists many different viable technologies that can easily replace vehicles that are dependent on fossil fuels. In fact there are too many to mention, but two examples are:

1. Electric cars: these are already in circulation, and growing in popularity. Contrary what you may think, some are even more powerful than traditional gas-powered vehicles.

2. Hydrogen powered cars: such vehicles have been developed and demonstrated many years ago. So why aren't they being used? Essentially because the technology is "shelved". This means it is purchased by influential corporations, and never used. Why? Because it's just not as profitable. We as a whole could stand up and make it clear to politicians that it is not acceptable, for such important technology, to be shelved. This is always an option, and it would succeed if there was enough pressure on governments. Although there is much better technology that is not far from release.

Our Research:

JOE CELL: We are in possession of the original Rover vehicle converted by Alex Shiffer to run on the Joe Cell. Alex is a well known energy researcher who live in Australia. While nobody knows exactly how or why the joe cell works, there have been numerous successful replications whereby a vehicle is enabled to run from the Joe Cell, and entirely without fossil fuel.

At this point, we have achieved only a partial replication. Specifically we are able to run the engine without fuel for some time, but the engine unexpectedly cuts off. Many others have achieved similar results, and I believe we are not far from figuring out how to achieve a reliable and stable conversion.

THE LIFTER: This is an anti-gravity device based on the Biefeld-Brown effect. It is a very widely replicated device (see JL Naudin's site). We believe that the solution for a more powerful anti-gravity effect is in technology developed by Austrian-born Viktor Schauberger, who was unwillingly recruited by the Nazi Germans in WWII to develop their own anti-gravity technology. We have developed numerous lifter models, but have achieved success only equal to that of other developers - so overall there isn't new progress. Currently, work is being done to develop a kind of "ion wind vortex" around and through the lifter. Essentually it will be like "contained ball lightening", and we believe this will be the ultimate solution to transportation.