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ChangeWith all our Technology, why is change so slow??

The world needs change, but most people are too busy with their own lives to care enough, or don't know how to make change happen. The best way for change to occur is for each of us to change our individual lives. The rest of the world will follow.

This site will teach you how to:

  • Own your own home and land for a fraction of the normal price: Forget a life-long mortgage. Should a sturdy roof, a few walls and basic amenities really cost $500,000 or so? With the right materials and construction methods, you don't need to submit to debt and slavery to "survive".
  • Power your home for FREE: never pay another electricity, gas or water bill again. Use readily available free energy technology that the oil companies try to suppress.
  • Grow your own food: you don't need to be "off the grid" completely, but wouldn't it be nice to be capable of self-sufficiency?
  • Convert your car to run on free energy: contrary to what you may think, we already have the technology and people are already doing it.
  • Learn about Natural Cures for Diseases: The single biggest killer is heart disease. Did you know the cure was found half a decade ago? We'll give you full details of it, and natural cures for diseases that have been supressed.
  • Expose Bank Fraud and Banking Elite: learn how the banking elite are controlling countries and the entire planet through debt. This is the biggest thing to ever happen in our history, and its about to unfold.

This site will not help you make money. It will show you how to achieve FREEDOM that you try to achieve by making money. It will help you eliminate your dependance on money. If you are looking to profit with freedom, I suggest start with the free roulette system at I also suggest checking the roulette computer devices.

"Earth has over 6 billion inhabitants. If everyone worked together, imagine what could be achieved, and how quickly it could be done"

Life is not meant to be work, debt and slavery. Trade itself is beneficial. Money is just a tool of trade - it is not the root of evil. Life is how it is largely because of greedy individuals who control the money supply, and inevitably anyone who submits to money. Entire nations submit to money and are therefore susceptible. But with the right technology, the need for money and trade is dramatically reduced. And we will teach you about what greedy bankers are doing so their hold over society can be removed.

Why have vital technologies been withheld from use?

An oil company wouldn't profit if we didn't need oil. Certainly such companies do what is in their power to keep us dependant of their products. But "conspiracies" with powerful companies is only part of the reason why we still pay to power our homes and vehicles. The main reason can be summarized as follows:

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." - Edmund Burke

Ultimately WE are responsible. It is not the "secret societies" and conspiracies. We have let things become as they are. To more specific, below are the primary reasons why certain technology is not widely used:

1. Ignorance: most people don't know about various technologies, or even care to know.

2. Lack of demand: most people are more concerned with work and paying their bills, rather than addressing the root reason why they are working to pay bills. This means there is not enough pressure put on the government.

3. Technology such as "free energy" is not profitable: in a world so concerned with profit and self-preservation, most people with the ability to make other people's lives easier don't want to do this, because it is not profitable. It is more profitable to keep consumers "dependant" on goods and services. Development of vital technologies is usually done in the back yards and garages of private researchers who commit their own time and resources to help themselves and others, without consideration for profit.

4. Corruption: key politicians turn a blind eye to important developments. It is not uncommon for decision-making politicians to have financial interests in oil companies. But bare in mind no amount of corruption can stop important developments IF enough of the population want and demand it. But for now, the majority of people are either too complacent or ignorant about it for any real change to occur.

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Protest is passive and submissive. It draws attention to a cause at best. To people watching the news, a protest is just another protest. We already have the numbers. We have the ability for direct change in our own lives. We need to eliminate our dependence on 'money', and this is done with technology we already have. We should start with smaller self-sufficient communities, and they will naturally expand. The rest of the world will follow.